FTEF Staff

From left to right: Erin Benke, Julie Gwisdalla, Amy Shaffer, Krissy Richard

Amy Shaffer, Executive Director

Amy sets and measures strategic operational goals; plans, implements and manages the overall long-term business strategy; monitors the day-to-day operations; and oversees fundraising efforts. She can be contacted at amy.shaffer@ftef.org or (859) 446-5200.

Julie Gwisdalla Director of Marketing and Communications

Julie is responsible for the implementation of the strategic communication plan. She manages, creates, and updates all promotional materials and oversees all social media. She can be contacted at julie.gwisdalla@ftef.org or at (859) 446-5467.

Krissy Richard, Foundation Coordinator

Krissy supports the Foundation’s fundraising initiatives and provides administrative and operational support. She can be contacted at krissy.richard@ftef.org or (859) 912-1006.

Erin Benke, Bookkeeper

Erin helps keep the FTEF finances in order. She is responsible for recording and maintaining our financial transactions, such as purchases, expenses, revenue, invoices, and payments. She can be contacted at erin.benke@ftef.org or (859) 815-2004.


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