Board of Directors

The Fort Thomas Education Foundation is guided in its work by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of community leaders who are passionate about enhancing educational excellence in our public schools and about Fort Thomas students.

Kristen Banocy

Kristen is new to the Board this year. Kristen and her family moved to Fort Thomas four years ago and from the very start they felt like part of the community. Kristen is currently the PTO President at Woodfill Elementary and is the Co-Founder of Emma's Footprints, a 501c3 non-profit that provides support for parents grieving infant and pregnancy loss. She is excited to be a part of the FTEF and is honored to be on the Board.

Dustin Buecker

Dustin has been a board member since 2017. He says, "As part of a family who has attended Fort Thomas public schools for 5 generations, I have been honored to represent their legacy with my service to the FTEF. My admiration for this community and our wonderful school system with the incredible, holistic experiences provided to our students fuels my desire to give back and provide all of our children with the same or better experiences I was able to enjoy – experiences which without question set a firm foundation for the other successes I have had in my life.’"

Megan Desola

Megan has been a board member since 2015. 'The FTEF is such an unique organization in that it truly is an example of caring community members coming together for one common goal: to continue the tradition of success in our local school district. The FTEF benefits each and every student in the Fort Thomas public schools. When the staff and students benefit, the whole community and town can reap the rewards."

Kevin Duke
Kevin Duke

Kevin joined the Board in 2016. He says, " As an alumnus of the Ft.Thomas schools, I have seen the value both personally and to the community of a world-class schoool district. However, to maintain access to such a high-quality education and the diversity of experience that is available to Fort Thomas students, a robust and well-functioning foundation is an absolute necessity. FTEF fills that void and does so admirably."

Joe E
Joe Ewald

Joe is new to the board in 2021, and is excited to be a part of the Foundation. A 1998 graduate of Highlands, he understands the vital role that the schools play in the community; something he sees first-hand working for the City of Fort Thomas. “Married to an HMS teacher, and with children at Johnson and HMS, much of my life revolves around the schools. With all that FTEF has accomplished, I’m thrilled to bring my skills and energy to this terrific group.”

Lesley Ann Gracey

Lesley-Ann joined the Board in 2021. After several years of supporting the FTEF efforts she wanted to take a more active role. She has always had a strong belief that educational opportunities should be easily accessible for all children. Her past experiences as an educator in an urban environment have provided her a unique perspective on how to improve the educational environment including what tangible resources are worth investing in. Lesley-Ann and her husband Steve chose to reside in Fort Thomas because of the exceptional educational opportunities that Steve himself experienced. Together they are raising their 4 children who are currently students in the district. Lesley-Ann is inspired by the creative and far-reaching efforts the Foundation has a history of supporting. She is enthusiastic about helping to continue the tradition of providing a first-class education to all students within the district.

amy hills
Amy Hills

Amy had been a Board Member since 2010. She says, “I graduated from Highlands and so did our 3 children. I have always felt our schools are so important in bringing an incredible education to our children. I joined the FTEF in the hopes of helping keep our school system at the top with grants to teachers and funds to help complete the school buildings to continue our academic excellence in education in Fort Thomas.”

Rebecca Hug

Rebecca was new to the board in 2020 and is honored to be part of this organization. Rebecca moved to Fort Thomas in 2001 knowing that children were in her future, and it is because of the school system that this community has become her home. She looks forward to giving her energy and passion to the fundraising efforts of the FTEF, so that this school district remains at the top of the rankings.

Maggie Mason

Maggie Mueller Mason joined the FTEF board in 2023. She is an HHS alumnus, class of 2000, as well as her husband, Michael, class of 1994. All three of her children attend FTIS, and her parents and mother-in- law worked for FTIS for a combined 60 plus years. She has a background in fundraising and development both as a professional and long time volunteer board member. She strongly believes that not only does FTEF make an unmeasurable difference to our schools, it also shapes the Fort Thomas community for generations to come and is happy to serve on the board!

Maggie McCluskey
Maggie McCluskey

As a Ruth Moyer, HMS and HHS graduate-class of 2004, and now raising two kids who will attend Fort Thomas schools, Maggie has a vested interest in our community’s education system. She served as the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund’s Executive Director for 9 years, overseeing the fundraising efforts, event planning, program management, marketing and public relations. Additionally, she has been a member of the charities guild of NKY for 10 years, serving as the secretary, president and Happy Feet Ball event chair. As an FTEF board member, Maggie hopes to continue the incredible legacy of Fort Thomas schools with a hope that her own children will grow intellectually and personally at these amazing schools and from the FTIS’s devoted teachers.

Michelle Knight

Michelle has been a member of the FTEF Board since January 2018. She says. "I moved to Fort Thomas for the schools. My son is currently a student at Moyer and we couldn’t be happier. Being a member of the Board allows me to help make a very direct and significant contribution toward sustaining our schools’ tradition of excellence. I love this Board’s spirit; the all-in effort and teamwork mentality is contagious."

Frank Meyer
Frank Meyer

Frank has been on the Board since 2005. Frank says, '"There is no better way to support the Ft. Thomas community than getting involved with this group. The FTEF sees a problem, addresses it, and comes up with a solution. Being in this group has enabled me to help make our community a better place."

Shannon Thomas

Shannon has been on the board since 2014. Shannon says, "With the limited amount of state funding, the FTEF plays an integral role in providing additional opportunities for our children that would not be there if we had to rely on state funding alone. I enjoy being part of the decision making process and helping to ensure the FTEF continues to grow and provide for our schools and community."

Resume Photo_Frank Twehues
Frank Twehues

Frank has been on the board since 2019. He says, "As a father of young children living in Fort Thomas, the school system has become a large part of my everyday life. 'Being a part of FTEF allows me to get know more about the school district but also to get to know more about the Fort Thomas community and meet members of the community who have a vested interest in the tradition and legacy of FTIS. The FTEF gives me an opportunity to learn more about the unique needs and successes of FTIS and to be a part of this school district’s long-standing legacy."

Not pictured: Megan Abner, Chanda Calentine, Ron Dill, Jessica Duke, Amy Lang, Brian Schwalbach, Phil Scherrer, Kevin Vennefron, Liz Younger

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