Endowment Fund

The FTEF annually contributes a percentage of funds raised to the Endowment until it reaches $2.5 million. Once we fully fund the FTEF Endowment, 100% of every donation will go back to our schools and students giving us the opportunity to give back in BIG ways, like:

  • Expanded world-language offerings

  • Additional Career & College Center resources

  • Curriculum incubator

  • Teacher sabbaticals to allow for advanced industry training

3 reasons to consider investing in the FTEF Endowment Fund:

  1. Helps ensure that the FTEF can survive well into the future.

  2. Allows for expansion of programs and resources at all five schools.

  3. You become a lasting part of the FTEF and the future of our schools.

To learn more about the opportunities associated with a gift to the FTEF Endowment Fund, contact us at 859-815-2004.

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