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Highlands Stories: A History in Little Pieces Project

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What is Highlands Stories?

Highlands Stories will be a collection of small items, each of which is in some way part of, or at least evocative of, the history of Highlands High School throughout the past 134 years, with additions and updates indefinitely

Highlands High School’s Class of 1958 is sponsoring a display titled “Highlands Stories: History in Little Pieces” at Highlands High School (HHS) that will contain small items from every era of the school’s vast history. Each item displayed will feature the story behind it. The Class of 1958 intends that the display become a permanent part of the school’s history, helping to capture and preserve the rich heritage and traditions of Highlands in a way that written words sometimes cannot.

Items will be donated or loaned to Highlands by alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the school, and will be displayed in a glass-front case to be located at HHS. Descriptions of each item, the story behind it, and who donated or loaned it will be presented through the visitor’s smartphone. The display will also be accessible remotely via the internet.  

The Class of 1958 is looking for anything Highlands related. It could be a ticket stub from the Hiland Theater or a charred relic from the fire that brought down the “Old Building” in the 60’s. The possibilities are endless.

The Alumni Association and the Class of 1958 is asking Highlands Alumni to submit items for representation. Anyone who wishes to offer an item for inclusion in Highlands Stories: A History in Little Pieces should submit their story by clicking on the button below. Not all items can be accepted. A committee from the School, the Class of 1958 and the community will decide whether an offered item is appropriate for inclusion. If the item is accepted for inclusion, your name will be included in the display, or not, as you choose.  

Questions? Contact Amy Leigh at Amy.Leigh@FTEF.org or (859)474-2255.

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