Our Mission

The mission of the FTEF is to support the educational excellence of the public schools of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. The FTEF will help to provide funds beyond the operating budget for educational programs and activities for students and staff. FTEF funds may be used to facilitate student academic and skill development, recognize outstanding student and staff excellence, provide equipment and capital needs, and expand community resources through the active involvement of individuals, businesses and civic organizations.

Our Vision

To create a private school experience in our public school system.

With your help since 2001, together we have:

  • Raised $853,791.26 towards Teacher Grants

  • Raised $10 million for HHS renovations

  • Raised over $600,000 for the new Johnson Elementary School

  • Provided local support for renovations to Moyer Elementary School

  • Helped raise $1,162,752.49 for the FTEF Foundation Endowment Fund to ensure we can continue supporting educational excellence for future generations

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